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In the Spotlight: This Week's Match Ups

With basketball in full swing, we know it can be hard trying to keep up with all the excitement. Games are a lot more frequent than football, but still just as exciting. Here are this weekend's match ups that we'll be watching, how they affect games ahead, a good excuse for something to watch aside from the NFL playoffs, if you're not into any of the teams playing.

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Michigan vs Wisconsin

With Wisconsin placing outside the top 25, this game doesn't pose as that exciting. However, Michigan is going undefeated so far this season, and playing a team like Wisconsin could help them to continue on that win streak! Go BLUE! Right?

Alabama vs Tennessee

Although Alabama is pretty awesome at football, they don't have the best basketball. That's why it might be a good idea to root for Tennessee this weekend during this match up. 

UNC vs Miami

UNC is known for being one of the best basketball schools in the country, so it's no mystery that they will probably win this game. However, they do have some loses this season and if somehow Miami can pull a win out of it, it'll shake up the rankings in the Atlantic Coast Division, where both teams reside in.

Kansas vs West Virginia

Not many people know, but Mountaineers are die hard fans and tailgaters for just about every team so any game with WVU will be exciting. Especially exciting since, Kansas is a top 10 basketball school. This game will truly be skill vs spirit. 

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