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10 Ways That The Start Of School Is Like Football

You know that feeling when you go to a store in the middle of August and about 75% of the aisles are "Back To School" themed? And then you kind of feel this wave of anxiety wash over you as you try to come to terms with the fact that your carefree, sunny summer days are coming to a close? Yeah. That probably just happened to you a few weeks ago.

Though September may seem dreadful at first, being back at school is kind of amazing, and the start of football season is even more amazing. In fact, these two things are more alike than I'm sure you ever realized. Let me show you why.

1. Realizing that summer is over, and that the start of classes came out of nowhere, is exactly like being sacked. You're going about your summer, all happy-go-lucky, and then the start of school comes at you with ferocious force and knocks you to the ground. Completely blinded. It's just not right.
2. Getting back into the habit of studying is basically the same thing as getting back into shape for the season. Two congruous situations: sitting at the library, watching everyone around you furiously take notes and absorb the many intelligences of the world into their brains, but you can't seem to read the word "the" correctly. AND showing up to practice and dry heaving after one mile. It's a tough world. 
3. Moving back out from under your parents' rule is a touchdown. There is no better feeling than knowing that you can come home at 6AM and answer to no one. But scoring a touch down can produce a very similar feeling. Both are amazing.
4. It's time to get back into uniform, or regular people clothing. Both involved looking presentable, which you didn't do all summer. You're not fooling anyone with your tall tales of summer adventures. You sat around in clothing with stretched out waistbands and gaping holes, and you could get away with it by sporting a tan and a baseball hat. Not anymore. Suit up. It's time.
I actually looked like this for most of the summer.... Wait... is that me?! Haha it's not, but it could be.
5. You get just as angry at your teacher for your first poor paper grade as you would at the ref for a 15 yard penalty. C'mon, guys. That's not friendship. I'm about to get really upset. But you're going to do it anyway - BAAAHHHH- 
angry brady
6. Group projects and partner warm-up drills are equally as annoying. Why can't I just be left alone to put minimal effort into this? Why.
group project
Actual footage of all of us not being a functioning part of our assigned group.
7. You see the library, or the locker room, for the first time in a while, and you have to take a deep breath. And then you immediately feel like walking out, but you don't! Mamma didn't raise no quitter. Get in there and do work! 
I don't know what these 90s kids are doing, but I just wanted to put it here for everyone to see.
8. If you have rush practice: Angering your rush chairs is as scary as angering your coach. (Please don't make the team run suicides/ practice our chants 6 more times for my mistake!) No explanation necessary.  
9. If you're rushing: Walking into a house of hundreds of screaming girls is as intimidating as being the new team recruit. (Honestly, it's probably more intimidating.) Definitely more intimidating. I mean, yeah, the new recruit has to walk onto the field and play a game in front of a stadium of people, but have you ever been a freshman walking into a house of 200ish girls who were singing a song about themselves? That is more frightening than you could ever possibly imagine.
10. Once you get the hang of things, there's no stopping you from crushing it on the field, or on campus. Truth!
Celebratory dance for being amazing athletes/ students!

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