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11 NBA Players with the Biggest Feet

Most Likely To Have The Biggest Feet: Basketball Players, which is something I discovered while doing research for this article. We're going to list off the best players in NBA history who also happen to have the largest feet in NBA history. Note: you might be thinking, "the taller the player, the bigger the feet," but that's not necessarily true, so we've taken shoe size AND height in consideration.

11. Lebron James: size 15

Height: 6'8

College: Straight to the NBA. The exception, not the rule.



10. Carmelo Anthony: size 15

Height: 6'8

College: Syracuse University 



9. Dwyane Wade: size 15

Height: 6'4

College: Marquette University 



8. Russell Westbrook: size 15

Height: 6'3

College: University of California, Los Angeles



7. Blake Griffin: size 17

Height: 6'10

College: University of Oklahoma 



6. Larry Bird: size 17

Height: 6'9

College: Indiana State University 


This isn't what Larry looks like now, because he's 59, but this feels like an accurate photo of him in his prime.


5. Yao Ming: size 18

Height: 7'6

College: Shanghai Jiao Tong University (we don't SKICKS for this team yet.)



4. DeAndre Jordan: size 18

Height: 6'11

College: Texas A&M University 


Basketballs have the power to magically float in the presence of DeAndre.


3. Kevin Durant: size 18

Height: 6'9

College: University of Texas at Austin


Celebrating with James Harden.


2. Brook and Robin Lopez: size 20

Height: 7'0

College: Stanford University




For first place we have a tie between Shaq (you saw that one coming from a mile away) and Bob Lanier. 

1. Shaquille O'Neal: size 22

Height: 7'1

College: Louisiana State University 


And here are the legendary feet wearing a pair of SKICKS:



1. Bob Lanier: size 22

Height: 6'10

College: St. Bonaventure University




"Did you purposefully pick the most ridiculous photos of these guys?" Yes.


Anyone above 6'0 with a shoe size under 15 didn't impress us much, but here are some the guys that didn't quite make the list.

Chris Bosh: size 14.5 (6’11)

Magic Johnson: size 14 (6’9)

Stephen Curry: size 13.5 (6’3)

Michael Jordan: size 13 and 13.5 (the left is bigger than the right!) (6’6)

Chris Paul: size 12.5 (6’0)

Paul George: size 12 (6’9)

Isaiah Thomas: size 12 (6’1)


And the smallest feet in NBA history....

Earl Boykins: size 9.5 

Though we should cut him a break, because he's 5'5, which is shorter than my grandma and most of the girls who I live with. Here is a beautiful picture of Earl standing next to Yao:




  • Marcus

    I’m 12 and I have a size 11 and I am only 5’8

  • Allie

    I am 11 I wear a size 9 I’m woman and I am 5’11

  • ERiC

    I’m 5’9 and wear a 16

  • cj

    I’m 6’1 and my shoe size is 15

  • giovanni

    im 13 and i wear size 11 in mens shoes

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