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11 Ways To Tell Someone Graduated From the University Of Michigan

umichigan stadium

As the University of Michigan gears up to launch the 2015 football season this fall with new head coach and former Wolverine, Jim Harbaugh, we are already yelling, “GO BLUE!” around the SKICKS headquarters. The beginning of this exciting new era will surely be nothing short of amazing. Former Wolverine quarterback, and extremely successful NFL coach, Harbaugh will lead Michigan to continued glory. Harbaugh has an impressive track record in the NFL and has lead many teams to championships. The sixth former player to coach the Wolverines, Harbaugh returns to the University of Michigan to continue that success in The Big House.

The school spirit is high and the countdown to the first game in The Big House on September 12th has begun.

Look up school spirit in the dictionary and you will see a U-M alum. A Wolverine will always be a Wolverine. Graduation does not separate you from what is a lifetime relationship with your alma mater. 

Does this sound like you or someone you love?

  1. “Go Blue” is the only appropriate greeting for anyone you see anywhere in the world wearing University of Michigan apparel. A high-five may also be in order.
  2. You will ruthlessly argue why Ann Arbor is the best college town in America and why U-M is clearly the only choice when it comes to higher education. You can list off the famous alumni by heart and put special emphasis on James Earl Jones AKA Darth Vader.
  3. Many good times were had at Good Time Charlie’s and you hazily remember (or have tried to forget) the lethal Long Island iced teas served in a pickle jar.
  4. The Big House is more of a home than your actual home. Attending a football game after graduation and walking into the largest (and best) stadium in America quite literally brings tears to your eyes.
  5. You lived in Michigan but don’t really know much about the state itself. Ann Arbor could have been an island as far as you were concerned.
  6. You refuse to go to Ohio – unless it is for a U-M vs OSU football game. Outside of football season you pretend the entire state doesn’t even exist and you secretly hate anyone you meet from Ohio. The rivalry runs that deep.
  7. You save your vacation days for U-M games at The Big House and have missed major events (weddings, births, funerals) because they coincided with the OSU game.
  8. At least half your closet is U-M apparel and when you buy new gear it is like adding another member to the family.
  9. After a wild night out at Skeeps your stomach longs for NYPD – New York Pizza Depot.
  10. You have mouth-watering dreams about the sandwiches at Zingerman’s and can’t find a better corned beef on rye in the greater 50 states – not even in NYC.
  11. You have outrageous stories of painting “The Rock” and even kept the clothes you wore to do it in. 

umichigan rock

Are you ready to yell, “Go Blue” at all the U-M sporting events this year? As every Wolverine knows, U-M apparel is a second skin. Caps, tees, shorts, socks, arm bands, foam fingers, you’ve got it all.

But what about your shoes? You can’t wear any ‘ol kicks while you’re cheering your favorite team to victory. Complete your Wolverine Wardrobe and get your UMich SKICKS to make your feet happy!

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