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10 Things that Define Penn State Fans

Happy Valley, The Creamery, Canyon Pizza, THON, The Shrine…hearing all these will make the hearts of all Penn State fans flutter. But what is it that really gets you Nittany Lions going? Football.

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As some of the biggest sports fans here at SKICKS, we know how important football is to just about every university in America – each with its own unique traits that define a true fan. There are a few things that set Penn State fans apart from the rest, however. 

  1. “We Are…Penn State!” – The first words any Penn State fan learns.
  2. Nittany Lion: Named after Mount Nittany and the mountain lions that roamed there once, you know the history behind the skinny, bear looking mascot.
  3. White-Out: Nothing gets your heart going quite like a complete white-out for a home game in Beaver Stadium.
  4. Cult or School Spirit: Despite the accusation of “cult-like” fandom, Penn State fans do not belong to a cult. This is just school spirit – you could teach other colleges a thing or two about that.
  5. The Blue Band: Being in the marching band is actually really cool and you have mad respect for The Blue Band.
  6. Drama, Drama, Drama: A Penn State loss will bring you to your knees with a tear laden growl that warrants a standing ovation from any theatre major.
  7. We Stand By You: Loyalty does not even begin to define your devotion to Penn State. No matter what, you stand by Penn, bleeding white and blue.
  8. Star Struck: Getting your photo with the Nittany Lion mascot is more exciting than any celebrity meeting you could imagine – Except maybe Curt Warner.
  9. The Student Section: Being voted the “Number one student section” was something you went home and told your parents about over Thanksgiving break and felt personal satisfaction from – like you won it yourself.
  10. We Are…Family: In the end, it’s not just about football – it’s about being part of the family. United and devoted.

There are Penn State fans everywhere and whether you are alumni, current students or die-hard fans, the loyalty runs deep. Deepen your love for Penn State with a pair of officially licensed blue and white SKICKS and turn up the notch at the next sporting event!

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