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Top 6 Tailgating Trends on Game Day

Every Saturday from September to November, college football fans across the country gather in remarkable numbers to prepare for battle. Each college and region with its own tradition, tailgating trends have grown in creativity and diversity over the years.
We had a lot of fun searching around the internet looking at a bunch of college students rooting for their teams. We narrowed it down to 6 of our favorite tailgating trends. From body paint to bibs, suits to sneakers, foam fingers to cowboy boots, college kids are stepping up their game for game day.

So the real question is, are you more excited for the game or the tailgate? 

  1. Body Paint: The staple of game day, body paint is the go-to attire (or lack thereof) for any college football fan. With all the different mascots, weather conditions, and traditions across the nation, college students truly get creative when it comes to wearing their school spirit. Colleges best known for this trend: Auburn University, Clemson University, and University of Florida
  2. Sneakers: Wearing comfortable shoes on game day is important. Shoes that also represent your school spirit are even better! Maybe the biggest and newest trend we are seeing right now is the school logo sneaker. When the party starts the night before on some campuses, SKICKS is your essential game day attire. Colleges best known for this trend: University of Michigan, University of Miami, Syracuse and many more. 
  3. Bibs: The latest trend sweeping the nation, overalls, or bibs, are all the rage. No longer for babies and red necks, the bib is quickly becoming a staple in the college football scene. With any color combination you can think of, this versatile one-piece covers college football fans heat-to-toe in spirit and fabric. A great option for those colder states as the season rages on. Colleges best known for this trend: University of Wisconsin, Florida State University, University of Miami. 
  4. Cowboy Boots: The south gets full credit for this game day trend. Most popular with the ladies, paired with a sundress in school colors students are two-stepping all the way to the goal post. Colleges best known for this trend: University of Tennessee, University of Georgia, Auburn…pretty much the entire south. 
  5. Suits: Among some of the fancier folk yelling, “GO TEAM” each Saturday, you can find a school color suit, tie and vest. Mostly seen in the south or at Stanford, this classy attire is specific to grad students and fraternities for a special occasion. Regardless, donning a suit on game day is a hot (literally) way to cheer on your team. Colleges best known for this trend: Stanford and University of Mississippi “Ole Miss” 
  6. Trendy: What would game day Saturday be without the most on-trend, school spirited outfits? Girls across the nation put great effort into cheering on their team and looking great while doing it. A serious affair, game day attire for many girls has become a fashion show with great importance placed on perfectly selected accessories. College best known for this trend: ALL OF THEM! 

Looking for the perfect accessory for your tailgating outfit? Want to make a statement and be the envy of all fans? Check out the new styles and schools added to the SKICKS Collection this fall to step up your game!

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