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About Sideline Sneakers

We started 20 years ago when Lisa Benedict and Meryl Schrager met at Syracuse University, rooting for the Orangemen. Close friends since then, they got married, started families, and now their kids go to school together, at the University of Michigan.

SKICKS Jordana

Meryl’s daughter, Jordana, has always had an artistic streak. On a whim, when she was in high school, she attacked a pair of sneakers with a pen and the first pair of custom sneakers was born. Pretty soon she was making custom designed footwear for all kinds of people including die hard sports fans, famous celebrities & prominent athletes too.

Her business followed her to college, and there she noticed that even the most serious college sports fan, no matter how they painted their face, was wearing regular, old shoes. This sparked SKICKS™ revolution.

SKICKS Founders

So SKICKS™ was born, as Meryl and Lisa’s business savvy was harnessed to Jordana’s creativity, and the “Sole of a True Fan” went from a dream to reality. Taking over tailgates, pep rallies and bleachers across America, SKICKS™ officially licensed canvas high top and low top tennis style sneakers designed in college colors and logos is a must have for every college fans wardrobe.


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  • Pedro Peña

    I love my U of M I was born in Texas but grew up in Mich at the age of 13 I learned and knew what the state of Michigan was as well as what U of M the real and only University of the state of Michigan. There in Michigan I went to school graduated from High school hired in at General Motors joined the Army Reverses two careers went to Iraq as first American advisor in 2004 retired 33 with GM and 36 yrs Army reverses last 7 yrs were on active duty. Why do I share this because Mich is one of the best places to live due to my work I live in Texas but my heart is in Michigan if I would of never moved there I would of never been able to do all I have done in my life and and now I am about to purchase my U of M sneakers from your company which I will be proud to wear I hope you you will always maintain this company in bringing the young out of older guys like myself who loves sports and so wear your product with pride keep up the good work. Go U of M Go Blue and happy to have Jim Harbaugh

  • Roger J Reed II

    I want to buy shoe Michigan 10 1/2 within low gym shoes how long get it can fast to send 2 or 3 days at my home ???

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