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Not Your Average New Year’s Resolutions



With the end of 2015 here there’s pressure to commit to the best New Year’s resolutions before the ball drops (or maybe the ball already dropped and you didn’t find a midnight kiss, so you’ve dedicated 2016 to “finding yourself”). Inevitably, those resolutions fall by the wayside, but not this year! Let’s turn some of the most overused cookie-cutter self-promises into realistic goals.

  1. Get in shape. Join a club sport team! It’s much more fun and motivating than the treadmill. Get In Shape New Years Resolution
  2. Get off the couch and do something fun. Go to more college sporting events. Football is great, but now it’s basketball season, and you have to admit you’ve attended far too few basketball games.UMichigan BasketBall Game
  3. Give your wardrobe a makeover. It’s never too late to up your college spirit and make some great purchases in the process!SKICKS Fashion
  4. Meet new people. You should probably make some friends on the hockey team so you have a reason to wear face paint and scream at people like a maniac on any given Friday or Saturday night. 
  5. Reduce stress. Watching sporting events releases adrenalin and endorphins, both of which are key in reducing stress. Tell that to your parents next time you purchase season tickets. 
  6. Be a happier person. Going to sporting events is a social activity, and surrounding yourself with friends is the best way to be happy. 
  7. Find a significant other. If Tom Hanks can be emotionally bonded to a volleyball, then why can’t you? After all, ball is life. significant other SKICKS
  8. Learn a new language. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, but knowing all the rules of your favorite sports IS it’s own language. Brush up on your knowledge and impress everyone at Skeeps, The KK, Corner, Kilroys, etc. 
  9. Adopt a pet. If your school mascot is any type of animal, this requires less responsibility than a pet, but just as much love. funny puppies skicks
  10. Read more. The SKICKS blog is an excellent source of intelligent and entertaining articles. Check in with us weekly, and you’ve easily accomplished this resolution.

Now that we’ve provided you with a list of the best New Year’s Resolutions, you’re fully equipped to accomplish all your goals this year. Get a jump start on number 3 with a pair of SKICKS to complete your perfect look and cheer on your team!

What are your New Year's Resolutions? Share them with us in the comments! 

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