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Storming the Court: A Fan Favorite


Undeniable fact: The best basketball game you could ever attend would allow you to jump from your seats after a game-winning 3-pointer and rush onto the court with the rest of your fellow fans. Sadly, this doesn’t happen as often as we’d like it to - it’s never occurred at any game I’ve ever been to (said bitterly as I wipe a sweatshirt sleeve across my face to dry the tears). So, if you’ve never stormed the court, or even seen it done, we’re going to break it down for you (and if you have stormed the court, just keep reading).

When is it time?

First, let’s talk about when it’s appropriate to storm the court. If your favorite player sinks a half-court shot at the buzzer of the first half, that’s pretty exciting. You should definitely rise in triumph (temporary triumph) and scream something obnoxious into the air. BUT, please don’t rush the court. This is not the time.

If the seat you’re in is picked during a raffle and you win a sports car, a vacation to the Bahamas, and a litter of newborn huskies, don’t rush the court. Don’t even celebrate much, because every single person sitting in close proximity to you is thinking about close they were to winning, and they all hate you. Smile and promptly return to your seat if you don’t want to get dirty looks for the rest of the game.

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you will never win a litter of huskies at a college basketball game.

If the halftime show presents a group of scantily-clothed women doing somersaults and throwing each other in the air, please do give them a round of applause to show your love. Don’t storm the court, they’re not even on the basketball team.

Sticking with the halftime show here, if an adorable six-year-old is blindfolded, placed at the foul line and told to make a shot, and he DOES make said shot… well this almost seems like an appropriate time to storm the court because that’s miraculous, BUT you should probably stay in your seat.

Save the court storming for any moment that is really big for your team. Playoff wins, championship wins, pretty much anything that warrants a trophy is appropriate. And OK, if you do win a litter of huskies, or any dog breed, at a college basketball game, you have our permission to storm the court.

Now let’s talk Top 3 Court Storms in the last couple years of college basketball.

3. Wake Forest vs. Miami

Wake Forest gave Miami its first ACC loss in the 2013 season. Miami was number 2 at the time, and continually beat out some of the top teams that season, but saw the end of their 14-game winning streak when they lost to Wake Forest. The court storm was one for the books.

2. FSU Vs. UNC

Florida State absolutely crushed the University of North Carolina in the 2012 season.        


1. Maryland Vs. Duke

When Duke, the number one team at the time, lost to Maryland 83-81 in the 2013 season, the celebrations were outrageous. Here is a link to one of the coolest court rushes you’ll ever see.


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