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A Big Sneak Peak...

We're very excited to share we're bringing a brand new school into the SKICKS family. Although it's coming very soon... we don't want to reveal everything just yet. We thought we'd share our top 10 hints about the school that only true fans will know. 

1. They were the nation's first public University.

2. They have 15 varsity athletic teams

3. One is always known for making it into the NCAA Final Four for basketball.

4. They have 329,000 alumni living across all 50 states.

5. in 2015 students, faculty and staff engaged in 1.08 million hours of community service.

6. Their own university color is named after themselves. 

7. They were ranked 13th in the nation for best collegiate athletic programs last year.

8. They may be amazing at basketball, but they're not known for being the best at football, which may surprise many.

9. The campus is 729 acres with 300 major buildings.

10. They're the first state university in the US, chartered in 1789.

Do you know who our next school is?! Comment your guesses below and in the meantime make sure to check out our shop all page to see what schools we currently carry.

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