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All the Good Things That Come With Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day marks a very important weekend in our year. Why? Because in an extremely general sense, things just happen on that weekend! Our country gets together and decides we need to make some changes on this special holiday. Here are some things that we noticed happen on Memorial Day Weekend.


  1. Pools open, everywhere. If you can tell me a pool that opens before Memorial Day, then I’ll be there, otherwise, we all have to wait until this very special weekend to showcase our summer bodies (or lack thereof).
  2. Barbeques come out of retirement. BBQ parties, and BBQs themselves all come crawling -- no, tumbling -- out of the woodwork for our entertainment.
  3. White, specifically white denim, also comes out of retirement. We are now allowed to wear white in mass quantities! Whoever made this rule made it hard to justify expensive white clothing purchases in the winter, but NOW we can make all the purchases.
  4. Green comes out of retirement, too. I’ll stop using the word retirement after this number, but it’s nice seeing trees with leaves on them. Yeah? Gotta love blooming shrubbery.
  5. Summer “officially” begins. You will probably hear people stating that summer is in full swing with the arrival of Memorial Day. I feel the same way as those people.
  6. Tropical tunes are released. Typically, and thankfully, the world is graced with the release of beautiful summer music. Drake, if you’re reading this, because you probably are, we all have such high hopes for your summer releases in the coming weeks.
  7. Sunglasses are back! So you’re probably thinking that sunglasses never left, and I don’t disagree. All I’m saying is that I feel weird wearing sunglasses and a down jacket at the same time.
  8. Hats are back! So this is similar to the above in that you probably have the urge to argue against me, but now we can wear hats to actually block the sun, which we haven’t seen in months. Check out our friends Operation Hat Trick to buy hats for all the right reasons!
  9. Everyone gets their tan on. Memorial Day = The First “Official” Day of Summer = nice weather = tan bodies. Don’t we all just look 100% better when we’re not milky white?
  10. Outdoor activities are fun again. There is nothing more sad than going to a rooftop bar and having to sit inside. Or trying to go for a run and sliding on ice. Or staring longingly at your bike, which is getting rusty during many a snow storm. Or trying to take a walk and get some air while it’s raining.
  11. You can roll down the windows while driving. It’s the little things, people!
  12. Memorial Day Weekend sales. Simply an amazing happening every year. And of course, we want to be part of exciting sales, so use MEMORIAL at checkout for 15% off your SKICKS purchase!
  13. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT HAPPENING. We take a day to remember and celebrate those who died while fighting for our country.


If you can think of any Memorial Day Weekend happenings, don’t keep them to yourself - share them with us!

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