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College Football Party Ideas

With football season quickly coming to an end, this doesn't mean it'll get any less exciting. In fact, the biggest games are yet to come. We know it's frustrating if your school didn't make it into the play offs or the big bowl games, but it's still exciting to watch if you're a big football fan, like most college students are. We've come up with some great ways to celebrate each game from your dorm, apartment, bar or even common room. 

Make Mexican Pizza Party Bites

We know this may sound weird, but they're basically a neater version of nachos. just throw some cheese and salsa in between a layer of chips and more cheese and sour cream on top. Bake for just 10 minutes and it makes for the ultimate finger food while watching the game. 

Make the Ultimate Punch

Whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic it's fun to make a tasty punch for the game that everyone can take from. Especially being a broke college student, it's nice to have something available rather than buying tons of liquor and other drinks. 

Schedule an Open Bar at a Local Joint

Lots of bars in college towns have open bars available to schedule for birthdays, socials, etc. A great idea would be to have a large open bar for everyone into watching the game. Much like a tailgate, it's the same amount of fun with friends, just indoors with the game on the big screen.

Comment some of your favorite suggestions below for how you'll be celebrating your fellow NCAA colleges. And don't forget to tag us sporting your SKICKS on game day! 

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