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Colleges That Bred Olympic Athletes

August 5th: The official start date of the 2016 Olympic games, also known as, “Mom. I’m not just sitting on the couch watching TV. I am becoming cultured.” The Olympics, though really exciting, are mainly there to remind the vast majority of us that we never really have been, and never will be, athletic.

Dad: It’s just like… we paid for 7 years of gymnastics and you didn’t grow up to be Ali Raisman.   Me: OKAY. Let’s not discount how perfect my cartwheels STILL ARE.

With that being said, we have all grown to appreciate the breed of super human that shows up at the Olympics every 4 years. In celebrating these amazing athletes, we’re going to take a look at the colleges that trained them to take home the gold.

Michael Phelps - University of Michigan. This Wolverine has made UM proud. Phelps is the most decorated Olympic Swimmer of all time, taking home 22 medals in a period of 12 years. Phelps also holds the record for the most Olympic gold medals.

phelps                                                 This is a picture for the ladies. You're welcome. 

Kristian Ipsen - Stanford University. This Cardinal is a world renowned diver. Ipsen, along with his partner Troy Dumais (who is a graduate of The University of Texas), won bronze in the synchronized 3m springboard at the 2012 Olympics.

Ipsen                                                                                            General Internet Update: Google images only features Olympics athletes in little to no clothing.  


Aly Raisman - University of Florida. At only 18, Raisman was captain of the women's gymnastic team at the 2012 Olympics. She won gold medals in both team and floor competitions then. Aly will be leading her team as captain once more at this year's Olympic games. 



Rebecca Soni - University of Southern California. Soni is a former Olympic swimmer, who specialized in the breaststroke. She is a six-time Olympic medalist, and the first woman to swim the 200-meter breaststroke in under 2 minutes and 20 seconds!



Natalie Coughlin - University of California, Berkeley. A 12 time Olympic medalist and the first woman to swim the 100-meter backstroke in less than a minute. Coughlin is tied with Jenny Thompson and Dara Torres for most medals by a female swimmer.



Kirsty Coventry - Auburn University. Coventry is a Zimbabwean swimmer and gold medalist holder. She won 3 medals at the 2004 Olympic games, and another 4 at the 2008.



Jennie Finch - University of Arizona. Finch has been called one of the most talented softball players of our time. She helped to bring her team to victory in both the 2004 and 2008 Olympic games. 



This year's Olympic games are taking place in Rio, and there are 940 NCAA students representing their countries. Of that 940, 152 of those athletes are current students. We can't wait to cheer them on come Friday!


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