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How To: Successful Tailgating

The partner to every fantastic season of football: Tailgates. I can say, with confidence, that tailgates are the closest things that college students (and sports fans alike) have to Heaven on Earth. 
A successful tailgate breeds a happy fan base to fill the stands, and cheer for their team, but successful tailgates are a work of art, and you need every key element to make it a hit!
1. Elevated Surfaces: A tailgate is nothing without its elevated surfaces! How else will anyone see the cute tailgate outfit you put together unless you get to dance in the bed of a pickup? Or atop a ledge/ roof/ homemade stage?
Extreme elevation is what makes this picture so cool.
2. Music: It's crucial to pump up the fans before sending them off of to the stadium, so good music is a must! 
Can't dance without music! And those people are dancing. I can tell. 
3. Food: Unwritten rule, it's not a party unless there is food! This is the easiest, and best way, to keep the crowds happy. You'll never find a more satisfied tailgate-goer than one with a hot dog in their hand!
4. Team Spirit: There are a lot of ways to show your team spirit, but dressing up is number one on the list. Go crazy in your team's colors. Dress up as their mascot. Paint your face, or whole body. Whatever it takes! The best outfit is always the talk of the tailgate.
C'mon, look at those outfits! That is SPIRIT.
5. Group Photo: Did you really tailgate if you don't have the instagram to prove it?
group photo

When it comes down to it, tailgating is most successful when it's with your favorite, and most fun people. So surround yourself with a tailgate crew this football season, and don't forget to proudly rock your SKICKS! 


  • Charla Duggind

    Our entire tailgate crew all have SKICKS. We have a set date to wear them. When we do I’ll takes pic and send it to you. Hotty Toddy, Go Rebels!!!

  • MIke WItuszynski

    Make some SKICKS Turfs for Next College Football Season

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