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Dust Off Your Basketball Jerseys

The holidays are a very exciting time for football fans. Tailgates turn from an endurance of sweaty beer shotguns to huddling with hot beverages, fighting the bitter cold at a bowl game. And while this time signals the peak of football season, I'm shifting my focus to something else entirely: The start of the 2016- 2017 college basketball season. This is how I feel about that:


There is something thrilling about being encapsulated inside an arena of screaming fans, watching history unfold on the basketball court  and wondering when it might finally be your time to storm the court. I may be a little biased, because basketball is my favorite sport, but you have to admit that the raw aggression and fast pace are exciting. And, if nothing else, it's a reason to congregate at your favorite bar and make some necessary noise with a too-large group of friends.

November 11th was the (somewhat) official beginning of the season, and it's looking like we're already off to an interesting start. Kansas got a beat down 103-99 in overtime against Indiana, who showed up hot out of the gate. The Hoosiers sunk 15 out of 31 3-pointers, making their offense the buzz of the internet. 
Kansas v IU
Kansas did, however, bring home a win a few days later when they beat Duke 77-75. So it's official, Duke lost their first game of the season, and no one is upset about it. College students and alumni across the country - excluding anyone who currently resides in North Carolina - are rejoicing at the thought of focusing their hatred at Duke for yet another season.  
Kansas v duke
Also in a dramatic finish this past Tuesday, South Caroline brought Monmouth to tears in overtime, and Maryland brought their A-game in big defeat against Georgetown. Big things, people. Big things. 
Villanova showed up with a big win on November 14th against Purdue, a team that doesn't get taken down on their home turf very often, and will likely prove to be a tough lot to beat this season. The reigning national champs won by only 3 points, but established they're here to defend their title. 
If there was ever a time to dust off your basketball jersey and join the cheering squad, it's now. With all the knowledge you now have about the opening of the season, you can pretend you've been an informed and dedicated fan thus far. We won't tell if you won't. 

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