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School Mascots

School mascots really don't get enough credit! Are they well known? Sure. But they aren't getting spotlight. There are some particularly cute (and bizarre) mascots that everyone should get to know. So you know where this is going. Let's take a look:

St. Louis University: Billiken

We should address the word "Billiken," right? So according the internet (the internet is never wrong) a Billiken is a mythical creature that represents good luck and "things as they ought to be." And look how cute and lovable his little face is!


Oklahoma State: Pistol Pete 

Pistol Pete was created in 1923 by a group of students who modeled him after Frank Eaton. You have to admit, Pistol Pete is cool. That's really all I have to observe about him. He just looks like the kind of cowboy I'd love to grab a beer with. 


Baylor University: Bruiser 

Baylor Bruiser might just be the epitome of gentle giant. Have you ever seen anything so terrify that you actually wanted to hug? Me neither. Bruiser was introduced during the 1981-82 basketball season and has been around ever since.


Syracuse University: Otto 

I've never known people to have such strong feelings about an inanimate object, and I get it. Otto was popular among students for 17 years before the university finally declared him the "official" mascot in 1995.


University of Oklahoma: Boomer and Sooner

What's better than one cuddly mascot? Two cuddly mascots! These Welsh Ponies are best at pulling the Sooner Schooner across the football field whenever their team scores. Like Otto, these guys were mascots for 16 years before the university introduced them officially. 


Virginia Tech: HokieBird 

The Virginia Tech HokieBird, according to the all-knowing Interwebs, was named one of the top college mascots in the country. Bill Dooley, the VT athletic director, proposed a renaming and rebranding of the mascot in 1981 due to the students' nickname for the team: The Fighting Gobblers.


TCU: Super Frog

Super Frog is a "horned frog." Super Frogs wins for the most unique mascot solely because I didn't know that horned frogs were real creatures until just today. This mascot appeared in 1897 under the name "Addy the All-American Frog." It wasn't until 1979 that the mascot was renamed. 


University of Alabama: Big Al

Big Al officially debuted in the 1980 Sugar Bowl. He was named by student vote, and is sometimes joined at sporting events by a female counterpart, Big Alice. 


Who knew elephants could make such cute couples? 



We only wish we could write about every single cute, quirky, and fun mascot out there, but there is no attention span so long. SKICK it with your school mascot this coming fall and help support your team!


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