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Thanksgiving Weekend Rivalries

These people know what is up. Let's get them a hand for commitment. 

So maybe you just read about the start of basketball season (will link the article) and your focus, too, has shifted to tall men with extreme dunking abilities. At the risk of giving you whiplash, we're going to shift focus back to football, because we have some big games ahead of us this week. Let's talk about it.

Thanksgiving weekend has become a time for school rivalries to battle each other on the football field. What better way to say thanks to get alarmingly competitive and daydream about aggressively sacking the quarterback of your rival school? The answer is, there is no better way. There will be a lot of big rivalries facing off this week, so here's a schedule that highlights some of the best games coming up. 

Thursday, November 24th:

7:30 PM

LSU vs. Texas A&M: 

This long time rivalry between the Tigers and the Aggies has raged on and off for since 1899. LSU took the win during last year's Thanksgiving game.


Friday, November 25th:

12:00 PM:

NC State vs. North Carolina

The Carolina-State Game is fueled with intensity due to the fact that these universities are only 25 miles apart. Football is one of their more popular series, and Chappel Hill is currently leading the series.

2:30 PM:

Arkansas vs. Missouri

Also known as the Battle-Line Rivalry, these teams have met only 7 times between 1906 and 2015. The rivalry was formally introduced in 2014, and a trophy to the series was introduced in 2015 and given to the Razorbacks.


3:30 PM:

Washington vs. Washington State

This rivalry, known also as the Apple Cup, is between these two Washington teams. The Huskies currently lead the series 70-32.

TCU vs. Texas

These teams first met in 1897. A&M hasn't lost a game since 73'.

Nebraska vs. Iowa

The Heroes Trophy was introduced to this rivalry in 2011 and is rewarded to the series winner each year. Iowa won the trophy last year. 


6:00 PM:

Baylor vs. Texas Tech

Texas Tech won 15 consecutive games between 1996 and 2010, giving them the series lead for the Bears and Red Raider rivalry. Baylor, however, has won every game since 2011, giving them the series lead back in the last 5 years.

8:30 PM:

Cincinnati vs. Tulsa

This rivalry is nicknamed the River City Rivalry. They introduced the Paddlewheel trophy in 2005 and have been fighting for it ever since.

9:30 PM:

Arizona vs. Arizona State

This rivalry, sometimes known as the Duel in the Desert, began in 1899. The winner of this series receives the Territorial Cup.


Saturday, November 26th:

12:00 PM:

Georgia vs. Georgia Tech
Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate, as you might have heard this being referred to. These schools have been rivals since 1893. Georgia won the series last year.


Kentucky vs. Louisville

The teams took a hiatus from their games in 1918, but started back up in 1994, and the competitive nature has been tense every since. The winner of the last two years was Kentucky.          

Kansas vs. Kansas State

Every year since 1969, the winner of this series is awarded the Governor's Cup, which is currently in possession of the most recent winner, Kansas State.

Rutgers vs. Maryland

This is the rivalry of the Northeast and though not many games have been played yet, we are currently watching a soon-to-be long rivalry forming!

Michigan vs. Ohio State

This is fierce mid-west rivalry, and among one of the best rivalries in college football. Ohio has crushed Michigan in the last 4 series.

Purdue vs. Indiana

This is one of the most followed college rivalries in the Big Ten Conference. These Indiana schools have been going at it since 1901, and the passion has only gotten more intense with time.

Illinois vs. Northwestern

This is a long fought rivalry between the Illini and the Wildcats. The Sweet Sioux Tomahawk was awarded to the winner beginning in 1945, but was replaced, in 2009, with the Land of Lincoln Trophy.


UCF vs. Florida State

The War on I-4 is the official name of this rivalry, adopted just this year in 2016.

Virginia vs. Virginia Tech

The two schools have played annually since 1970. Tech leads this series 55-37.  

12:30 PM:

Syracuse vs. Pitt

Syracuse rivals BC, while Pitt rivals Miami. Syracuse played BC in their big game earlier in the season and took home their win. Pitt played Miami earlier in the season, too, but lost 28-51.

3:00 PM:

Boston College vs. Wake Forest

This rivalry played its first game in 1888. The two teams, however, have not been able to play annually since the ACC expansion.

3:30 PM:

Duke vs. Miami

Though not college sports rivals, the two teams are among some of the most spirited universities,which will, no doubt, make for a heated game on Saturday.


Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss

The Battle for the Golden Egg, also known as the Egg Bowl, brings these two teams together for one of the most heated series to date.

Auburn vs. Alabama

This well-known rivalry is known as the Iron Bowl, and is considered one of the best rivalries in college football. Bama won this series the last two years in a row.


Notre Dame vs. USC

It is customary for this rivalry to play the Saturday following Thanksgiving Day in LA, or on the third Saturday of October in South Bend. The Jeweled Shillelagh, an Irish club made of oak or blackthorn saplings, is awarded to the winner of this series.

Michigan State vs. Penn State

This rivalry between the Spartans and the Lions has Michigan State leading the series. The winner is always awarded the Land Grant Trophy.

Minnesota vs. Wisconsin

Theirs is the most played rivalry in the NCAA division. Wisconsin hasn't lost a series to Minnesota in 12 consecutive years.

4:00 PM

Tulane vs. UCONN

Tulane's big rival, known as Battle for the Rag, is LSU, but UCONN will be some competition for them to take on this week.

7:00 PM:

UCLA vs. California

The Golden Bears and the Bruins hold an intense California rivalry that has UCLA winning the last three series.

7:30 PM:

Utah vs. Colorado

The Rumble in the Rockies rivalry was dormant for almost 5 decades, but was awakened in 2011 when both teams joined the Pac-12 conference.

South Carolina vs. Clemson

Tigers vs. Gamecocks series, also known as the Carolina-Clemson rivalry, dates back to 1896. The series was unofficially nicknamed "The Palmetto Bowl" in 2014. Clemson took home the last two wins.


8:00 PM:

Florida vs. Florida State
The Seminoles vs. Gators rivalry exists in the majority of sports, but is most felt in football. Florida State fought for victory in the last 3 years on this same weekend.


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