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The 7 Stages of Graduation

Though similar to the 5 Stages of Grief, the 7 Stages of Graduation are their own set of phases that each graduating senior will feel. You'll come out the other side with a job though, so it's really a lot better!

  1. Blissful Unawareness. Things are good! Things are so good. The weather is getting nice again, and you're frolicking across campus with all your friends. Responsibility isn't even on the horizon, because you're so far away from all of that. What could possibly be better than this? College is a carnival, and you are a Carny!

    Stage 1

  2. Doubt. Is this maybe… not going to last forever? You get one snapchat from an older friend, of an office environment, and the seed has been planted. Something about those snapchats didn't bother you months ago, but now you're having scary thoughts. But they can't kick you out of the carnival. You've been here forever! And you know finally know the ropes.

    Stage 2

  3. Realization. Ping. It's an email. "Graduation Registration."

    Stage 3

  4. Questioning. How are they doing this? WHY? There must be an alternative option. Maybe if you just fail your finals, you can take another year! Actually… that's kind of a bad plan. Pretty sure the student handbook doesn't explicitly say that you can't pose as a freshman in order to come back for 4 more years. That idea is practically gold. Write it in the group chat!

    Stage 4

  5. Denial. You know how this stage goes. Just pretend you're not graduating, and then you never have to! More genius plans. Look at all the amazing things an almost-college degree has done for you already. Go to your parties. You ain't graduating!

    Stage 5

  6. Nostalgia. It's the week before graduation. You're not even gone yet, and you already miss it! If only you could go back in time. Well not that far back, you don't want to live in Freshman dorms again, but maybe back to the beginning of Senior year. Yeah, those were good times. Simple times, even.

    Stage 6

  7. Acceptance. Well, you did it. You walked with your class, threw your cap, took all the necessary photos (captured a stunning instagram) and hopefully acquired a bunch of money from various family members! You're settling into daily life, and now you can use the hashtag, #adulting, and make jokes like, "When I was in college." Silver linings! The real world isn't so bad.

    Stage 7

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