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The Biggest Match Ups for Week 6

Although we're still trying to contain our emotions from the Ohio State vs. Penn State game, another week of games is quickly approaching. While there's been so many awesome match ups and rivalry's this season, week 6 brings on some of the biggest.

Miami vs. FSU

Even though they're neighbors, these two schools have hated each other for years, trying to prove who would come out on top for the state of Florida. This game is important because if Miami wins it would mean Miami finally becoming dominant again after years of FSU continually destroying them. 

Here are some other exciting games we're waiting for:

LSU vs. Florida

Definitely one of the more exciting games this week since LSU is currently 5-0 while Florida is 4-1. The winner of this game could help to solidify their fate in the playoffs.

Colorado vs ASU

This game isn't necessarily too "be all, end all" but, families of students from these two schools will get a nice Pac-12 match up game while visiting considering it'll be family weekend.

West Virginia vs Kansas

Although it may not seem important, considering Kansas' record in comparison to West Virginia. A lot of WVU fans would love to see their team a step closer to the playoffs by crushing Kansas.

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