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The Jury Is Out: Winter Isn't That Bad


Winter on college campuses? Piece of cake. The winter months seem daunting, it's true, and though there is a small group that rather enjoys the winter and everything that comes with it, the majority of people dread the idea of the colder, darker months. But, we must embrace that we cannot change, which is something someone once said and then everyone quoted him/her for the rest of time. So, in the spirit of embracing the inevitable: Why winter in college is a blessing in disguise. 

Cold weather keeps inside you a little more than you'd like, but it's also a motivator to get your work done. Knowing that you're not missing out on any spectacular sunny day activities should ease the FOMO when you absolutely, positively must spend your entire day in the library, which is a direct result of your decision to start Buffy the Vampire Slayer from season 1 and put off your paper for 21 days. (You have to stop doing that - such a bad habit.)


Because you were in the library the entire day and didn't spend a minute worrying about the snowy landscape outside, you have finished your school work and are free to gallivant around from bar to bar (or frat party to frat party) with everyone else.


On the other hand, if you don't feel like gallivanting and would rather spend your free time continuing your binge of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you can use the weather as an excuse.  


The days are getting shorter, which means the sun is below the horizon for more hours than it's above the horizon. Hello darkness, my old friend. And before you close this article because that doesn't sound like a good thing at all, think about this: you don't have to rely on your horribly crafted blackout shades to block the sunshine from interrupting your dreams about being Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What's your obsession with that show, by the way? Kind of weirding me out. 


Not exclusive with being in college, but true nonetheless: winter takes the pressure off working out. I'm not saying that you should stop working out, but I am saying that if you do, I'm behind you 100%. And you are not alone... on second thought, it might even be good for you to put some meat on your bones, ya know, because it's cold out, and fat is nature's best insulator.  

Made easier by the above: Sweatpants, slippers, and sweatshirts that you can fit your whole body inside of. Ultimately, these articles of clothing will be the reasons you ever go to a class earlier than 10am.  


And the most important reason of all: If winter didn't exist, we would never be able to quote Ned Stark in real life context ever again


Lastly, winter is a good time to slip into your comfy SKICKS high tops and stay warm through the cold winter days.


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