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What Are You Celebrating Mom For This Year?

Every year, sometime in May, we brew coffee and deliver breakfast in bed to show our appreciation for our Mothers. It’s great that we can show our Moms how much we love them, but have we really ever stopped to think about all the things we are grateful for? Now is that time!


I’ve asked a small handful of people, because I only have so many friends, “What things does your mom do for you that you appreciate most?” I have now compiled a list of only the best and most important things that we can thank our Moms for on this Mother’s Day.

I’m most thankful for my mom because…

  1. I have someone to continually call and ask, “How long do I need to put this in the oven for?”
  2. I can bring home a trash bag of laundry and ask her to wash it for me and she’ll only give me one eye roll before saying yes.
  3. She tells my dad not to yell at me.
  4. There’s always someone to console me, especially when nothing is really wrong but I’m just having an annoying day.
  5. “I’m bored,” always gets met with a valid and invested response.
  6. I had a personal cheerleader at every high school sporting event, even when I sat on the bench for most of the game.
  7. My mom hates everyone that I hate.
  8. She always knows some weird black magic to get oddly specific stains out of my clothing.
  9. I don’t have to proofread my own papers.
  10. She is a pretty very fair referee to the fights between my siblings and me.
  11. I’ve consumed zero grilled cheeses that are better than my Mom’s.
  12. She listens to my overly descriptive recount of dramatic events that I witnessed and/or was in involved in.
  13. When I’m home, I never need an alarm clock.
  14. She has the ability to open any and all jars, cans, bottles, etc.
  15. My mom magically knows where all my lost items are.
  16. My Freshman 15 weight gain was met with very subtle and kind encouragement to be healthier.
  17. I have cried on countless items of my mother’s clothing, and she never minds.
  18. I always had the cool mom who drove my friends to McDonalds before or after our sports practices.
  19. She put up with all my ridiculous tantrums.
  20. She fixed my moral compass… more than a few times.
  21. I never had to beg my mom to let me drive when I had my permit.
  22. My mom lets me use her Amazon Prime account and pretends she doesn’t know so that she doesn’t have to make me pay for my own…. The same is true for Netflix, Hulu and Spotify.
  23. She always lets me steal her clothes/ shoes/ bags/ jewelry.
  24. She never complained that I asked her to pick me up from high school at least every other week
  25. She’s my best friend!


There you have it. The reason’s we absolutely must celebrate our Mothers this! Thank you, Moms everywhere, for being the best and most importantly, the most tolerant. We love you.

 Tell us what you're celebrating your mom for this Mother's Day!

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