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You Know You're A Senior in College When...

College, like any system of higher learning, is a food chain. You enter in a mere ant in the dirt, and eventually work your way up the ranks using knowledge and experience. This all sounds very civilized, but if you've been through even one month of college, you know it's not. 

By the time you enter Senior year, you are a lion. Maybe you lead the pride, or maybe you are a loyal follower in the pack, but the point is that you are on top, and everything under you is frightened of your existence. This might be a bit dramatic of a comparison to make, but my point remains. Senior year is awesome. And at times maybe not so awesome. And on occasion even a little scary. But there are those tell-tale signs that you know you're a senior when...

1. You are all too familiar with the bar on campus. (The bar being the one that everyone goes to way too many times in a week. You know the one. Skeeps, The Boot, DJ's, Varsity Club, etc.)

2. You are all too excited to graduate from the bar to the 21+ plus bar. (All bars are 21+, I know. But you actually need to be 21 to get into this one. Again, you know what I'm talking about. Rick's Lucy's, Pat O's, etc.)


3. You quickly realize that the 21+ bar will never live up to the bar, and you're sad about it. 

4. People start asking you about your post grad plans, and it's kind of exciting.

5. That excitement quickly goes away because you realize you have no plans, and then feel like everyone is trying to force you to graduate before you're ready.


6. You start to get teary eyed at your last few tailgates. 


7. You actually want someone to swipe you into the dining hall so you can reminisce on the memz and enjoy some free food.

8. All your classes are complete jokes and you're only taking them to fulfill the last of your general academic credits.

9. Because of #8, class becomes optional. No employer is going to care what grade you received in Meditation 101.

10. You get tired of not knowing anyone at frat parties. 

eye roll

11. The freshmen all look like infants in your jaded eyes. 

12. Seeing abroad pictures turns you green with envy.


13. You resent how bored younger students look when you try to relate to them with a time when you were a freshman.

14. In fact, you resent how often you find yourself saying things like, "Back in my freshman year..."

15. You never dress up for class anymore.

16. Walking through campus feels like being famous, because you know so many people.


17. Your dating pool has become so small, its a puddle. 

18. You don't have to wait on line for the bar because you know the bouncers.

19. And you know the owner of your favorite sandwich place too, so they never get your order wrong.

20. You can day drink the younger kids under the table.

day drink

21. Because you are the champion of darties.

22. And tailgates.

23. And bar crawls. 

24. And pretty much anything that involves a good time. You are well-versed in this area, so you win. 


25. Fashionably late just becomes a way of life for every and any event.

26. You realize getting a job is no joke.


27. You also realize your major is something vague, and you have no idea what career path you should be embarking on.

28. Anyone who gets a job before graduation becomes your sworn enemy.

29. You think about moving back in with your parents and nervously laugh it off. "That is so far away. I'm SO FINE." 

nervous laugh

30. You are so glad that you don't have to rush.

31. Or even be very involved in rush. 

32. You are too cool to involve yourself with such children.

33. Because you've been training for these long nights for the last 3 years, you can successfully run on almost no sleep.

34. Those 25 year olds that looked ancient a few years ago, they don't seem so old anymore, and you can relate to them so much better than you can to the freshman. 

35. The above is very scary, and now you're scared.


36. And now you're extremely nostalgic. 

37. The word "nostalgic" is becoming a stable in your vocabulary.


38. You meet people for the first time and can't figure out how it took you this long to do so. 

39. By second semester, you have an existential crisis at least once a week.


40. In the end, you know you'll make a dope "real person" when college is over, but for now, you'll carry on behaving like a child until you graduate. 



Go forth and enjoy your final year! 



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