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SKICKS™ is the culmination of a lifetime friendship, along with a dash of creativity & style, and a passion for the lifelong community only college students, alumni and fans can create.

We started 20 years ago when Lisa Benedict and Meryl Schrager met at Syracuse University, rooting for their Orangemen. Close friends since then, they got married, started families and their kids went to school together at the University of Michigan... Go Blue!

Meryl's daughter, Jordana, has always had an artistic streak. On a whim, when she was in high school, she hand painted on a pair of canvas sneakers and the first pair of custom sneakers was born.

Her business followed her to college, and there she noticed that even the most serious college sports fan, no matter how they painted their face, was wearing regular, old shoes. This sparked the SKICKS™ revolution!

So SKICKS™ was born, as Meryl and Lisa's passion for business and college pride was harnessed to Jordana's creativity and designs, and the "Sole of a True Fan" went from a dream to a reality. Taking over tailgates, pep rallies and alumni homes across America, SKICKS™ officially licensed canvas high top and low top sneakers designed college colors and logos, is a must have for every college fan's wardrobe.