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ASU Sneakers

ASU sneakers are not just for the students and employees of Arizona State University. It is for all the people who love and support the school and for those who are rooting for the university’s sports team. The sneakers are designed after the color and the initials of the school. But if the buyer wants to have the kicks personalized, they can always talk to the designer of the sneakers about the additional design they want.

The makers of the ASU sneakers assure the buyers that the kicks are made of the best materials. Hence, they are guaranteed to last long and are comfortable. The sneakers do not easily get dirty as well. Owners can wash and clean the sneakers without having to fear that the color will fade and they will not look the same anymore.

Skicks™ Offers the Coolest Designs of ASU Sneakers

When it comes to university-themed kicks like the ASU sneakers, Skicks™ is the only officially licensed brand of sneakers. Over the years, they continue to produce the most excellently-made sneakers for the loyalists and supporters of the different universities and their sports team. Recently, the famous sneaker brand has already revealed the newly-added schools for their pre-fall collection.

Skicks™ does not only make the ASU sneakers but it produces the coolest kicks for more than 40 universities. Lisa Benedict and Meryl Schrager together with the talented Jordana Schrager, Meryl’s daughter, are the powerful triumvirate behind the successful company. The trio promises to produce more beautiful style and designs of university-themed kicks for everyone.

The Best University-Themed Kicks

Sneakers designed after the school’s color and logo are one of the trends these days. More and more university students and employees are getting a pair of the sneakers made especially for Arizona State University. Skicks™ creates the best university-themed kicks for everyone.