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Know Your Foot Type Now When Buying Shoes

Your feet will thank you if start buying shoes that designed to fit the kind of feet that you have. You must realize that our feet aren’t the same for all of us. When you discover what kind of feet you have, you can now begin to buy shoes that are specifically designed for it.

  • Flat arch – This type of feet is also called overpronator, which means that when you walk, your feet arch collapses inward too much. This can cause excessive foot motion and injuries if you wear improper footwear.
  • High arch – Underpronator is the least common foot type that is characterized by a high feet arch. Your feet have to endure more shock up your legs when you walk or run. Neutral-cushioned shoes are what you should wear.
  • Medium arch – This type of feet is at high risk of heel pain and ball-of-foot discomfort. Those with medium arches should look for shoes with well-defined forefoot and rearfoot.