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SKICKS is currently seeking high energy, aggressive, enthusiastic, school spirited, sales oriented, college students that want to get involved in marketing and selling one of the hottest, newest, college licensed products today. Earn great money and college credits doing it!

Our SKICKS on campus brand ambassador program is a one year commitment. Learn how to promote, market, and sell the SKICKS brand of tailgate style school spirit sneakers and products on and off your campus. Being an on campus brand ambassador for SKICKS will allow you a unique and tangible opportunity to further your sales marketing career, develop important skills in the areas of sales, marketing, communications, teamwork & collaboration; while having fun, and most importantly enabling you to earn money! Officially licensed canvas high top and low top tennis style sneakers designed in college colors and logos is a must-have for every college fan's wardrobe.

Why do you think you would make a great on campus brand ambassador for SKICKS?
1 SKICKS wants students that are actively involved on their campuses, are creative and innovative, and have skills in sales, marketing, and social media. Tell us your unique skills, what ways are you currently involved with your school, and how you see your involement aligning with SKICKS sales marketing objectives.
2 We want SKICKS brand to become the hottest collegiate themed tailgate style sneakers for students, fans, and alumni nationwide. We know that it starts and ends with our "on campus success"! Please list a few ways you think SKICKS can uniquely market and promote it's brand on your campus.
3 As a SKICKS on campus Brand Ambassador, part of your job is promoting the SKICKS brand and part is actively selling SKICKS products. Tell us about your past sales experience and/or why you will be successful selling SKICKS products on campus.
4 Please list your unique skills that will enable you to successfully promote SKICKS and sell SKICKS on and off your campus.
5 Please list and describe your most recent two (2) jobs or internships.
6 Please list any existing commitments that may conflict with your duties as a SKICKS on campus Brand Ambassador during the next school year.
If interested in applying, please fill out the form below and submit. We will be contacting qualified applicants soon.