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Breast Cancer Sneakers

A great number of women all over the world are diagnosed with breast cancer, and just like any other form of cancer, it still has no cure. Because of this, a lot of groups are organized for the breast cancer awareness campaign. Individuals who are interested in this cause can help by getting a pair of the breast cancer sneakers created by the top makers of customized kicks.

The breast cancer sneakers come in pink and it also has the pink ribbon design, which is the official symbol of breast cancer awareness campaign, situated at the side of the sneakers. The kicks come in different sizes for both men and women. Individuals who want to support the patients and survivors of breast cancer can help by getting a pair or more of the pink kicks.

SKICKS Proudly Offers the Breast Cancer Sneakers

SKICKS, the popular brand of customized sneakers, is actually a product of friendship. Longtime friends Lisa Benedict and Meryl Schrager are both business-minded. Schrager’s daughter Jordana, made the first pair of customized sneakers. The three women used their skills to come up with this business. Today, their latest offering is the breast cancer sneakers in support for the breast cancer awareness.

The three ladies behind Skicks are all avid fans of their university sports teams. For them, a pair of the custom-made sneakers designed for the sports teams of different colleges and universities is definitely a must-have. Supporters and also those who are planning to aid the breast cancer awareness campaign may buy the newest pink breast cancer sneakers.

Supporting Breast Cancer with a Pair of Sneakers

There are many ways to be an advocate for breast cancer awareness and to help those who are suffering from the disease and those who have survived it. The leading brand of customized sneakers offers their SKICKS PINKS to help support the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. Interested buyers may contact SKICKS anytime for their orders.