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Clemson Sneakers

Fans of the roaring, orange tigers can now complete their collection of Clemson University items with the latest Clemson sneakers. The kicks are designed by the one and only officially licensed brand that creates customized kicks, socks and laces and other interesting stuff for the different colleges and universities all over the United Stated of America. Buyers are assured of high-quality kicks.

The Clemson sneakers are not only for the currently-enrolled students of the Clemson University. The kicks are also for the professors, administrative staff, and alumni of the university as well as those who are great fans of the Clemson Tigers can definitely buy the sneakers. They can also order socks and t-shirts designed after the institution if they wish to do so.

SKICKS Introduces the Low-Top Clemson Sneakers

Supporters of the Clemson Tigers can now complete their collection with the low-top Clemson sneakers. The kicks are made by none other than SKICKS. The famous brand f customized sneakers is owned by Lisa Benedict, Meryl Schrager and Schrager’s daughter, Jordana. Lisa and Meryl have been friends since their college days at Syracuse and are also avid university sports fans.

SKICKS started when Schrager’s daughter, Jordana created the very first pair of customized sneakers by just using a pen. Since then, her clients include A-list celebrities, athletes and sports fans. The entrepreneurship prowess of Lisa and Meryl combined with Jordana’s creativity is a perfect formula. Now they are making Clemson sneakers as well as kicks for different colleges and universities all over America.

Style, Comfort and Durability in One

In buying a pair of shoes, there are always there things that the buyer must consider before he finally gets the sneakers he is eyeing. The three features of a high-quality pair of sneakers or any other footwear are comfort, durability and style. All these three must definitely be present. Excellent kinds of sneakers are available at SKICKS.