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Florida State Sneakers

The cool and comfy Florida State sneakers are definitely a hit these days. Students, employees and alumni are all eager to have a pair or more of these unique kicks. But not only are these groups of people buying the sneakers. Even those who are not students, employees or graduates of the Florida State University are getting a pair of the sneakers. These individuals are usually avid supporters of the university’s sports team.

The Florida State sneakers are not just only designed to be worn for special events in school, these can be worn anywhere at any time. The kicks are designed to be paired with any kind of clothes- be it jeans, shorts or skirt. The sneakers certainly go with anything. They are guaranteed to last long and most importantly, they are comfortable to the feet.

Unique Designs of Florida State Sneakers at Skicks™

Skicks™ create the most unique designs and style of Florida State sneakers as well as kicks for more than 40 universities. This is the only officially licensed brand of sneakers that produce kicks designed after the famous universities in the United States. It started with the friendship of two university sports fanatics- Lisa Benedict and Meryl Schrager. Their entrepreneurship skills are combined with artistic talent of Schrager’s daughter, Jordana.

The first pair of customized sneakers was created when Jordana Schrager designed a pair or kicks using only a pen. Since then, the more and more people come to appreciate the customized sneakers. Skicks™ produces Florida State sneakers as well as kicks for other universities like Arizona State University, Ohio State University, Baylor University, University of California and 40 more top universities.

Comfortable Kicks

Other than durability, one of the most important indicators of good-quality sneakers is that they are comfortable once worn. Skicks is the only officially licensed brand of university-themed sneakers that have both qualities: durable and comfortable. Interested buyers may just drop by at the boutique at any time.