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Gators Sneakers

A pair of the Gators sneakers is definitely a must-have! Supporters and fans of the University of Florida can now have these uniquely-designed kicks at very friendly rate. The only licensed brand of sneakers that creates kicks and other products for universities continues to make eye-catching designs and comfortable style of sneakers for the students, employees, alumni and loyalists of the different universities.

The company makes sure that their Gators sneakers are made from the most excellent materials. These kicks can be easily washed, cleaned and dried without having to fear fading of the colours. The kicks are also guaranteed to last long and most importantly, the sneakers are very comfortable to the feet. All these qualities make them the best university kicks.

Impressive Style and Design of Gators Sneakers Only at Skicks™

Skicks™ is the only brand that creates the most impressive style and design of Gators sneakers as well as kicks for other top universities all over the United States. Lisa Benedict, Meryl Schrager and Jordana Schrager are the three women behind the continued success of the company. The first ever customized kicks were born when Jordana creatively-designed a pair of kicks with a pen.

The entrepreneurship prowess of Lisa and Meryl and the creativity of Jordana make the perfect combination for the business. Since then, Skicks™ has become a very popular brand. More and more people buy the Gators sneakers and other sneakers designed after the other equally famous universities such as Baylor University, University of California, Ohio State university and University of Arizona to name a few.

Trendy Sneakers for Gators Fans

Fans of the University of Florida Gators team will be more than delighted with the fashionable sneakers and socks designed after the university’s official colors logo and mascot. Skicks™ is the official creator of these kicks as well as the sneakers for more than 40 universities in the United States.