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Qualities To Look For
In A Pair Of Shoes

What should you look for in a comfortable pair of shoes? If you look past the design and the style, you might be able to find the shoes you would love to wear all your life.

  • Size – Just because you are a size 9 doesn’t mean all size 9 shoes will fit you perfectly. Keep in mind that feet come in different sizes and widths. Not to mention that different shoe manufacturers often have varying sizes as well. Advisably, there should be a 5/8” room between the end of the longest toes and the end of the shoe.
  • Shape – Your shoes could either be either be curved, semi-curved or straight lasted depending on the shape of your feet as well. When you know your foot’s shape, you can start buying shoes designed specifically for its mold.
  • Stability – You need to consider how rigid your feet are. If you have a wide, flat foot, find a stable shoe. For those with high arched, rigid foot, a cushioned shoe is the best.