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Ways To Wear It With Style

You can see a lot of students wearing sneakers day in and day out because they love its comfort and how easy it is to wear with almost anything. As a student, you spend a lot of time going around the campus and you definitely don’t want to be seen on the wrong side of the fashion spectrum. Here are surefire ways to look extra stylish while wearing your LSU sneakers.

  • Pair it with leather – If you want to look professional and mature, wearing leather pants or jacket is the way to do it. Instead of your usual denim, wear leather pants and pair it with your sneakers. This unexpected twist will surely make you standout.
  • Look sporty with your jogger pants – For the sporty types, you can wear your sneakers with your favorite jogger pants. You will instantly look comfortable and casual. This would be the right outfit for a whole day at the campus.
  • Go casual in denim shorts – If it is too hot outside to wear pants, don’t be afraid to pair your sneakers with denim shorts. Just make sure that it is not too short.