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Foot Conditions Caused By Wearing The Wrong Footwear

Foot conditions are caused by natural defects, wrong exercise posture, disease and by wearing the wrong footwear. You need to think more about your feet and pay more attention to the kind of footwear you have. Here are some of the conditions you might suffer from if you continue to wear the wrong shoes.

  • Bunions – Ill-fitting shoes put too much pressure on the foot muscles and bones constantly. This causes the bones to permanently and painfully diverted from their original position. The areas of the bends may become inflamed, due to strained nerves and ligaments, while the skin in contact with the shoes experiences excruciating pain.
  • Plantar Fasciitis – The plantar fascia is the tissue that binds the toes to the heel bones. When there is extreme pressure on it, thick tissues get torn and inflamed. This causes a sharp pain in the heel.
  • Hammer toe – This is a condition where the toe muscles become shorter. The raised toe joint, initially becomes painful, but after some time of getting pressed by the shoes, hardens.