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Orangemen Sneakers: Things You Need To Know Before Buying Shoes

Don’t be fooled into buying a pair of shoes just because it looks cool. Most of the time, cool sneakers aren’t exactly comfortable. If you want to avoid blisters, injuries and other much worse foot condition, there are a couple of things you need to know before buying a new pair of Orangemen Sneakers.

  • Ignore recommendations from your friends – Don’t immediately buy a pair of shoes just because a friend swears by it. They may not be the best pair for you. What you need to realize is that the way you move is unique and that your stride is different from your friend’s.
  • Test it before you buy it – You can’t properly assess a pair of shoes without taking them for a test drive. Walk around the store for 30 to 60 seconds to assess comfort before you buy the pair.
  • Don’t buy shoes that are too snug – You want your shoes to be close to your feet two-thirds of the way with plenty of wiggle room up front to accommodate swelling. Typically, people choose shoes that are a half-size larger than their feet.