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OSU Sneakers:
Born Out Of Creativity And School Pride

Branded shoes can be very expensive and may not be designed for daily wear. Besides, the price itself may leave you apprehensive to wear it everyday. Skicks Sneakers are the perfect casual footwear because they are comfortable to wear, fashionable and affordable. Skicks wants to impart to its followers a sense of style that comes from school pride.

What makes Skicks a standout among the other sneaker company out there is the fun fact that it is established by two friends who understand the true meaning of close knit college communities brought by being an active member of the university. The owners of Skicks want to bring this kind of relationship to their customers with every sneaker design and concept they come up with. For students of Ohio State University, attend pep rallies and games in truly unique Skicks way. Wear your pair of Skicks sneakers now and be a true fan!