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Penn State Logo Sneakers: Clean Your Sneakers The Proper Way

Just as you wash your clothes regularly, you should also wash your sneakers to keep it clean. Many tend to forget to wash their sneakers and just tuck it at the back of the shoe rack after wearing. Here is how you can clean your Penn State Logo Sneakers the proper way.

  • Gather your cleaning supplies – Make sure you have everything you need: a bucket, sink, rag, soft-bristled brush and towels. Use cleaning supplies that are safe to use on your shoes’ materials.
  • Prepare the sneakers for cleaning – Before getting into the actual cleaning, check your shoes first. Are there any gum or objects stuck on the bottom? Remove the laces as well before cleaning.
  • Ready your cleaning solution –Mix soap, washing soda with water and mix the solution. If you can, use soap with biodegradable materials. The washing soda is effective in whitening, removing stains and neutralizing odors.