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Do You Know Your Foot Type?

Wearing the wrong sneakers can bring about a variety of problems to you. You might not put too much thought into choosing the shoes you wear everyday. When you want to buy the best Florida State Sneakers, make sure you know your foot type first.

  • If you’re a supinator – The feet of a supinator has high arches and rolls outwards. If you have this kind of feet, you will need shoes that have proper cushioning for shock absorption because your feet doesn’t naturally have shock absorption on its own. Look for shoes with extra rubber built into the sole for a smoother walk.
  • If you’re neutral – This kind of foot have an average gait with equal weight distribution across the foot. Look for a pair that is lightweight and bends according to the ball of the foot. Neutral-shaped foot has the most freedom and you can choose whatever shoe you want.
  • If you’re a pronator – Having pronator feet means your feet roll inward. Your foot has flat or low arches. Look for shoes that are composed of dense materials that provide reinforcement to keep the arches from collapsing.