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Pitt Sneakers: Buy The Right Shoe Every Time

Think of your shoes as one of the fundamentals of your closet as you endure your days at the university. Having a strong closet begins from your feet up so make sure you put thought when choosing what Pitt Sneakers to buy.

  • Base your choice on your activity. There are shoes meant exclusively for running, biking and playing tennis. If you are into one of these activities, make sure you buy the proper for them. Not only does it help you avoid injury, it also provides maximum comfort.
  • Replace a shoe based on time. Don’t wear a pair of shoes well past its prime. A pair of shoe that has been worn down doesn’t offer the necessary support for your feet and ankles anymore.
  • Make sure to fit your shoes. Feet grow and change over time so make sure that when you buy a pair, you try them on. Just because you were a size 10 doesn’t mean you will forever remain a size 10.