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South Carolina Sneakers

The great loyalists of the University of South Carolina’s Gamecock team can now complete their ‘cheerer’s’ get-up with the new South Carolina sneakers. The sneakers are not just worn during sports event; they can be used in any university gathering or even while just strolling around. The design of the sneakers is simple but eye-catching. The official logo and colours of the university are used as designs.

For students, alumni, professors and staff members of the University of South Carolina, now is the time to show all out support by getting a pair or two of the South Carolina sneakers. The maker of the kicks is definitely the only licensed brand of customized sneakers in America. Clients are guaranteed that they will get their money’s worth if they buy the Gamecock-designed sneakers.

SKICKS Creates South Carolina Sneakers for Gamecock Supporters

For many years, SKICKS has been the only officially-licensed brand of sneakers custom-made for the different colleges and universities in America. One of the new arrivals is the South Carolina sneakers, Nebraska kicks, Clemson kicks, Syracuse sneakers and many more. The brand is owned by longtime friends Meryl Schrager and Lisa Benedict and Schrager’s daughter, Jordana.

Benedict and Schrager’s skill in business is anchored to the excellent creativity of Meryl Schrager’s daughter, Jordana. She made the very first pair of customized sneakers using only a pen. This how their business was born. Now, the trio makes South Carolina sneakers and other customized kicks for various universities in US. Their clients include celebrities and known athletes.

High-Quality Kicks for Everyone

Excellent quality kicks for all the avid supporters of the University of South Carolina athletic team is available at the only officially-licensed brand and maker of customized sneakers, SKICKS. Interested buyers get in touch with the manufacturer if they want to check out the designs and place their orders.