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Finding Comfortable
Shoes Is A Must

Wearing comfortable shoes is important. Sometimes we tend to sacrifice comfort for style because we want to look good first than to feel good. For students who want to be quick on their feet, it is important to find a comfortable pair of University of Arizona sneakers. Here is how to do it:

  • Get a good fit – The biggest factor that affects comfort is the fit. Don’t simply buy a shoe just by knowing your shoe size. Just because you are a size 9 doesn’t mean all size 9 shoes will fit you perfectly. Also, every manufacturer, every style, every pair, every shoe, and every foot is different.
  • Consider the shape – Your shoes could either be either be curved, semi-curved or straight lasted depending on the shape of your feet as well. When you know your foot’s shape, you can start buying shoes designed specifically for its mold.
  • Look for stability – You need to consider how rigid your feet are. If you have a wide, flat foot, find a stable shoe. For those with high arched, rigid foot, a cushioned shoe is the best.