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Know Your Foot Type Now!

One of the main reasons why people keep buying the wrong shoes is that they don’t know their foot type. Some aren’t even aware that there are foot types. They think that all feet are made the same.

  • Flat foot (pronation) – The foot rolls inward and flattens with weight bearing. This places increased stress on the inner foot. Those who are flatfooted experience decreased stability during walking. They usually suffer from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, patellar pain and hip pain.
  • High arched foot (supinator) – This is a more rigid, less flexible foot that has more weight on the outside part of the foot. There is less shock absorption in the feet, which causes calluses to form.
  • Neutral foot – This is the best foot structure where the foot rolls inward and adjusts to provide stability as you move. There is a perfect balance between shock absorption and stability while running and walking.