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Wisconsin Badger Sneakers

Having the Wisconsin Badgers sneakers is one of the best ways to support the University of Wisconsin’s official sports team. There are a lot of kicks makers out there but there is this one company that can provide the most uniquely-styled, long-lasting, and comfortable sneakers with the Wisconsin Badgers design at a very affordable rate.

For students, faculty and administrative members and alumni of the University of Wisconsin- Madison, there is no better way to cheer for university’s team as they play football, volleyball, basketball, and hockey than wearing those Wisconsin Badger sneakers to the sports events. Companies producing custom-made kicks have readied designs, but personal touch to the sneakers can always be placed.

Skicks Brings the Wisconsin Badger Sneakers

Skicks offers custom-made Wisconsin Badger sneakers to students, employees, alumni and all individuals who want to have the customized kicks designed after the Wisconsin Badgers sports team. Founded by Lisa Benedict, Meryl Schrager and the talented daughter of Schrager’s daughter, Jordana, the company has then become one of the well-reputed and sought-after customized sneakers makers.

Other than producing custom-made Wisconsin Badgers sneakers, Skicks also makes kicks for popular institutions such as University of Georgia, Syracuse University, University of Tennessee, University of Michigan and other equally known public and private organizations. The women behind the company all have undying passion for their craft and so this is one of the reasons why they continue to be the best in producing custom-made sneakers.

Style, Comfort and Durability in One

Style, comfort and durability are three most important characteristics that one should look for when hunting for sneakers. One of the leading companies that create impeccable customized sneakers is Skicks. The company is known to produce kicks of style, durability, comfort and affordability.